Segment, understand, and activate social audiences by location

Connect online audiences to offline behaviors

Unleash the power of location


Access the authentic audience and conversation at any location. Target an organic location, single venue, or combine 1,000s of venues into a single view for a hyper targeted audience at scale. Filter out the noise and zero in by audience characteristic or consumer behavior.

“Ground Signal has provided the Loews Resort properties with an easy-to-use tool that helps us connect with guests that we weren’t capturing before.”

Piper Stevens

Sr. Director of Brand Loyalty & Marketing Communications

Capture Rich Insights


Identify real-world consumer activity, cultural affinities, travel patterns, and social graph analysis to inform marketing decisions and track real world ROI. Advanced audience insights, multi-faceted segmentation capabilities, and predictive analytics help brands get to the data they need, more efficiently and with higher accuracy than ever before.

“The new robust reporting features allow us to gather new insights into our audiences to optimize future campaigns in sports and entertainment, delivering actionable data that has real impact.”

Mat Ford

Director of Digital

Leverage Targeted Influencers


Engage on-site influencers undiscoverable via #hashtag or keyword in the moment, when they’re engaged. Surprise and delight your customers and upgrade influencers in realtime with VIP experiences to create memorable experiences and positive brand amplification.

“Ground Signal has been an unbelievable resource unlike any other in helping us find influencers specifically targeted to fit our needs. We've loved using the platform to find mobilizers and organizers for our events.”

Hannah Alter

Business Development Operations