Human connections, powered by data

Influencer identification using audience data to uncover the optimal profiles to drive your social campaigns.

A Refined Process

  • Aggregate and segment your audience to identify regional or behavioral segmentations your campaign aims to target.
  • Pinpoint users with significant market reach within your niche audience segments to build the influencer roster that fits your campaign objectives.
  • Directly engage and negotiate with individual influencers. No more third-party negotiations, fees, or portfolio restrictions.

Data-Driven Selection

  • Identify profiles across all influencer tiers; From local micro-influencers to global celebrities with optimum reach and affinity.
  • Investigate the prominent demographics, behaviors, and locations within each influencer’s following and understand overlaps within your target audience segment.
  • Identify influencer data that best matches brand targets and campaign objectives, circumventing the traditional agency path.