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“The new robust reporting features allow us to gather new insights into our audiences to optimize future campaigns in sports and entertainment, delivering actionable data that has real impact.”

Mat Ford @ Momentum World Wide

Director of Digital @ Momentum World Wide

Social Media & Influencers by Location

Build social following by engaging in the moment

Find hidden influencers, hidden content, organic conversations, sample content, etc

Improve Campaign Metrics & Tracking

Engage influencers to boost social reach

Find influencers inside your targeted audience. Engage with product samples and promotion opportunities to reach their followers. Target location-specific influencers to narrow in on the trade area.

Justify Spend on Experiential & Event Marketing

Plan better, engage in real-time, and gain deep audience insights

For brands with existing experiential and event-based marketing initiatives, Ground Signal enables tapping into the organic social conversation. Engage fans and influencers to generate reach and exceed outreach goals.

With Ground Signal you can set up alerts to know exactly when influencers are on-site.