“Our Social Numbers have gone up by 203% since we adopted the Ground Signal platform.”

Sydney Daniels @ Cheap Carribean

Marketing Coordinator @ Cheap Carribean

Reach out to guests via on-site social media

Capture on-location content by geo-fencing your properties

Engaging guests and influencers while they are on property can turn them into brand ambassadors and loyal customers for life. Guests who post without mentions or hashtags are retrieved in real-time for immediate engagement.

Surprise & delight on-site influencers

Get alerts when influencers post on your property

Influencer marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to gain brand exposure on social media. Leverage this by engaging with on-site influencers through an influencer outreach program.

Reporpose Guest-Generated Content

A fresh and genuine view into your guest experience

Your guests are capturing and sharing great photos of your properties every day. There’s a shift in marketing efforts to use more user-generated content, as it has been found to be trusted more than professionally produced photos.

With Ground Signal you can set up alerts to know exactly when influencers are on-site.