Surprise & Delight On-Site Customers

Leverage our location technology to engage people at your venues in real-time.

Your Locations, One Audience

  • Access the experiences your customers are sharing everyday across all your locations.
  • Manage on-site and event specific outreach without tedious tracking of #hashtags and @mentions.
  • 100% visibility into on-site conversations, minimizing missed opportunity.
  • Engage customers and guests while they are on property and turn them into brand ambassadors and loyal customers for life.

Activate On-site Influencers

  • Connect all your social accounts to easily engage on the fly across your portfolio.
  • Engage on-site influencers with VIP treatment and turn them into brand advocates.
  • Kick start an influencer out-reach program to generate reach and brand lift.
  • Get alerts when influencers post at your locations so you never miss an opportunity.

Improve Campaign Metrics & Tracking

  • Historical engagement reports track activity and results.
  • Measure ROI directly with audience engagement metrics and behavioral shifts.
  • Comprehensive analysis of audience and behaviors enable thorough understanding of campaign and event impact on overall performance.