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Audience Insights: Interactive reports enabling a dynamic dialogue between you and your target market.

Queryable Audience Data

  • Customize segmentations on-demand to investigate niche markets.
  • Leverage social behaviors to investigate previously inaccessible audiences.
  • Filter and sub-segment your audiences across 40+ location and social factors.
  • Refine your searches in real-time to answer ad-hoc questions.

Live Database Access

  • At over 1B profiles and counting, our audience database allows for real-time audience segmentation at an unprecedented scale.
  • Billions of data points tied to categorized venues around the world deliver insight into competitor audiences, product and shopping trends.
  • Four years of historical data with real-time updates provides analysis of trend and demographic shifts over time.

In-Depth Analysis

  • With any segmentation, analyze over 150+ profile and venue attributes to identify the composition of your market and motivations of your customers.
  • Analyze and anticipate changes in audience trends and behaviors as attributes shift over time.
  • Identify contributing factors that bring clarity to why your customers are who they are and act as they do.