The Keys To The Kingdom

Programmatic access to quantified venue data.

Get real-time analysis of your outlets
Understand the on-site customer & what they’re buying
Inform sales strategy

Integrate Ground Signal venue data into your systems at scale to enrich your understanding of on-premise consumers and inform on-premise marketing and product placement initiatives.

We’ll match your venue data to our global dataset of over 60 million points of interest and provide detailed audience attributes indexed against like-kind, nearby venues. Use this data at scale to identify businesses that strongly correlate with your target consumer.

Answer questions like:

  • Which coffee shops in Downtown Phoenix are young, millennial, hispanic, males more likely to go to?
  • Where do high net worth females go to drink cocktails in SoHo?
  • What are the best bars for a late night craft beer promotion in South Beach?

Interested in licensing Ground Signal’s quantified data?

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